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Survival Football Pool
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                                                                             NHL Hockey  Pool 1 

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and Weekly Pick-Em Pool



Weekly Pool 1 big winner at the end of the season for the most correct Total Picks . The weekly winner is awarded 60% of the pot , 40% goes towards the end of the season.



Suicide Football Pool 1  (Open)

Suicide Football Pool 2  (closed)

Suicide Football Pool 3 (closed)

 NHL Hockey  Pool 1 

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Suicide Hockey Pool 1  (closed)

    NFL SQL Pool 1(CLOSED)






Welcome to the SUICIDE POOL!!!    

NFL 2012 season is Almost here!!


Player picks will be hidden until they are locked, the picks will be locked just before the game starts with the exception of the Sunday and  Monday games all these games will be  locked at the scheduled start time of the first Sunday game.

Note there is No Default Pick for the Suicide Pool, you have to make the pick or you are out.


THE SURVIVAL POOL is $50US for the Season. The Weekly pool will not run this year, so do not pay for it, you could make picks for a  mock game or just for fun.


When you get your user name and password you could make a pick by clicking on the entry form, once you submit your first pick on the entry form the fee is added to the pot.


To get your user name and password activated you must send a $50.00 US payment via paypal to, also send your desired username and password and I will register you.

For the Suicide Pool make the payment before the start of the season -Sept 5 / 2012  (it is by paypal).


Thank-You for checking out my site.

Good Luck,








           For info contact


*Note the final prize depends on the number of entries.